Not fair

I received a horrible phone call this morning. My cousin is in ICU with heart palpitations. We have never been a particularly tight nit family and I did not grow up very close to this cousin. BUT, there were a couple of years during our teenage years where our paths crossed and we got pretty close. Granted, he was closer to my sister than to me…but still, this is my closest cousin.

I can’t even begin to imagine the horrible place that his parents and sister and wife and children are in. The worst fucking thing, about this horrible situation is there is nothing that I can do. I don’t know enough to be certain, but I have to hang onto hope. My cousin is young, he is fit…and damn, just to young too die, and as a family…we can’t have another loss now. So even though I don’t know enough I am clinging to hope that this will be a very short stay in hospital followed by a complete recovery and many more healthy years with us.

Update: My cousin has recovered quite nicely…he is back home and taking it easy. There are no words for how happy this news make me.