Don’t Tell Me To Get My Dad a Prostitute…It’s Just Wrong

I worry and stress too much. I know this.

Yesterday, someone managed to inadvertently (I hope) be a complete dick. They told me that they could give me a hooker’s number for my dad and that we should rather stay and listen to their incessant droning about the minutiae in their lives . This was in the context of them having dropped by uninvited and not leaving my in-laws, when I made the overture for us to leave (about 2 hours later than we would have…had said person and his wife not arrived uninvited).

I walked away.

I know part of me was oversensitive to take offence. But part of me is pissed off at myself for not calling this guy on being such a dick. Because especially if you are ignorant of the facts you should be careful about making that comment.

Part of me is stressing that I did not handle the situation correctly…that I was rude! That I had no right to be upset. That I over-reacted.

It is the stupidest thing to be stressed about…these people are very insignificant in my life and yet right now part of my depleted energy reserves is being sucked up by a dickish comment.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me To Get My Dad a Prostitute…It’s Just Wrong

  1. If he was that ignorant about his own insensitivity, you could have said something on the spot to point that out, but why comply to confrontation and having to deal with the fall-out of that, if you can ‘tell’ him the same by just walking away??
    Seems a much more sensible option to me… 😉
    But then again, I am not much good in situations like that, as I also always worry about how my reactions can make the ‘offender’ feel bad, instead of just asserting myself and not be gobsmacked about such self-absorbed, small-minded behaviour, however unintentional.

    Keep your energy for what is needed, don’t give someone (like that) the power to take it away from you.
    Try and stop beating yourself up over this, he isn’t worth it!

    Although easier said than done… I know 😛

    Take care.

  2. I know that I should not give that power away.

    For me, writing helps to get things like that off my chest and for me to stop worrying about them.

    I think this person had their insensitivity pointed out to them though…since he sent me a message apologizing, and we corresponded a little bit.

    So this case is closed for now 🙂

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