Depression is a miserable lying bastard.

Depression is a miserable lying bastard. When you are in its throes, every perceived slight is used to further the argument that you are a worthless waste of oxygen and the world is better off without you.

The logical part of your brain, and the person who you are, knows that this is bullshit.

But, in the throes of a depressive episode when you get knocked back by a trivial illness it becomes a big deal…proof that you are nothing, have done nothing…are worthless.

At times like these there are two important thing to remember is that it gets better and that depression is a fucking miserable liar. And misery loves company.


3 thoughts on “Depression is a miserable lying bastard.

  1. I agree with you, but should also add:

    Depression, like stress, is addictive. When you’re in the throes of it, if something comes along that makes you smile, you don’t want to. You look to find things to depress you further (perhaps subconsciously or not). You find yourself hating, despising people who are happy and, if you’re like me, want to do nothing but sit and feel horribly sorry for yourself, whilst being horribly self-destructive (booze, cigarettes, take your pick).

    If you find yourself slowly rising from those dark depths, you struggle to keep yourself down.

    It’s a liar, but it’s a damned convincing one.

  2. Without a doubt it’s a damned convincing liar.

    I’m not convinced so much that it is looking for things to depress you further as much as it is a case of neuroplasticity coming into play. Where the perception just gets so skewed and the “happy” neurons are just out of practice firing.

    In some ways we have habits that are so alike that it is scary.

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