The Void

For now the void is unknowable,

The void exists.
it is called many names,
it brushes this world.
Those in the void can reach through any time
with our blessing

Touch our lives,
guide us through
flashes of insight;
brush up and trigger
once forgotten memories.

Those who have crossed over
to the void do not cease to exist
for as long as any echoes
of their lives remain.

They are here.
Part of this world.
Part of the lives that we lead.

Those in the void are capable of
achieving their best.
Achieving what they intended
on this earth.

Their intentions are not hampered
by human flutterings, failings and frailty.

The void is filled with love.
The void is.
And those who have crossed over
through the veil
that  separates this world
from that:

They are not truly gone.
They are in a place where
they can understand what we mean
That we loved them.

They reach out and touch us
with the love
that they wished to be able to
express when they were with us.

They send whispers on the wind
to guide us,
to remind us
that we are loved.


5 thoughts on “The Void

  1. Exactly what I always feel is true, in my heart 🙂
    I am officially Roman-Catholic, but feel much the same like you about religion, as far as what you have shared.
    But this is what I believe too.
    Our spirits or energy or anything you want to call it is always there, lives on and connects us, gives us strength, teaches us, loves us.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Take care x

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