Music For Mom

My mom passed away one month ago today, and it just felt right to put together a short playlist of significant songs.

The Rose by Bette Midler:

This is the first song that I ever remember listening to you with you…and we both really loved it.

Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel

The lyrics are very apt at the moment. And you introduced me to Watership Down, along with so many other books. Thanks for that, mom!

The Soft Goodbye by Celtic Women

Because this list would be very incomplete without a nod to your Irish heritage, and I know you enjoyed this album from Celtic Women the most.

Spirit of the Great Heart by Johnny Clegg

For so many reasons…the dogs, the memories of trips to the bush, the fact that you were a huge fan of Johnny Clegg. This video even has a lilac breasted roller! (And a chameleon.)


2 thoughts on “Music For Mom

  1. Hi Trisha. I saw that you liked my post about the six-month anniversary of my mom’s death…on the one-month anniversary of your mom’s death. I listened to the music for your mom as I read back through your posts with tears in my eyes.
    I’m sorry for your loss on so many levels. That you lost your mother. That she wasn’t the mother you needed her to be. That you lost time in the future to recover what might have been.
    I had time with mom to heal what happened to me as a child. But I know this…that even when they are gone, the healing continues.
    Thanks for making a connection with me.

  2. Hi Martha,

    Thanks for your comment, and your post was incredibly relieving to read, it’s re-assuring to know that it’s possible to get through this.

    Thank you for your wisdom and I wish you well with your continued healing.


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