Where to begin?

I told myself that this is the week where I come face to face with my emotions. Where I confront how much I am hurting…the frustration, the pain and the anger.

But now that this week is here…I don’t know where to start.

First off, this is a personal blog…and I am not particularly fussed about making sure that the spelling and grammar is perfect. The most important thing here is for me to just let it out…in a safe place.

Because especially at the moment, I need to be careful about who I talk to…I am not going to trample on people’s hurt emotions more. I don’t know if this is noble or selfish…just not wanting to deal with the fall out of bursting people’s bubbles. But quite frankly it doesn’t matter…this is my life and I get to choose.

Some of my decisions are going to be wrong…but hey that’s life.  Enough rambling I suppose and it’s time to find something to begin with.


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