Impossible Interlude

The world needs music. Personally, I cannot imagine without music. Music helps us feel and connect…it literally provides the soundtrack to our lives.

Once upon a time, big record labels decided what music we would be able to hear and experience. And while the musicians’ who have been signed to big labels mostly deserve it…there music tends to be rather formulaic and repetitive…and safe. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with safe: macaroni and cheese is safe. But safe can be rather boring.

Every once in a while, someone comes along and decides to try something different, and perhaps attempt something that may perhaps be called impossible.  One such person is Kim Boekbinder, a.k.a “The Impossible Girl”. She is amazingly awesome and bubbly and I will see her one of her shows live one day…(for now, I have had to be satisfied with the webcast versions).

Her music ranges from melchanolic to incredibly cheerful and I really can’t recommend her highly enough (you can listen and buy her music at .

Kim’s music is much more like a gourmet meal accompanied with some really good wine than plain old mac and cheese. And Kim Boekbinder is re-defining the rock tour. To promote her pre-sold tour (which is an incredibly awesome idea) she agreed to answer three questions for me (and many other bloggers). So without any further ado, here’s Kim:

1) Which of your songs do you feel the strongest personal connection to and why?
“Anyone at All” followed by “Rainbows and Unicorns.” Playing them live is amazing, especially “Anyone at All” it just gives me so much energy.

2) What is your favourite moment or memory from one of your tours?
Ruffy Hall, Australia. Ruffy is a 2 house “town.” Farmers drove in from the surrounding area to see the show. I played two sets, they served homemade cakes in the intermission. The hall itself is very Twin Peaks. It was wonderful.

3) How autobiographical is your album, “The Impossible Girl”?
Very. Everything comes from a very real place inside of me, even when I’m making it up.

Thanks Kim and good luck with selling the Impossible Tour. You can buy tickets through Kickstarter at: Seriously her shows are awesome and I hope you will join me in backing one or more of them.

P.S. This post was sponsored by Kim Boekbinder…Here is where you can read all the details of Kim’s offer to me and all other bloggers.


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