Back Home

Over the past 2 and half weeks I have flown from Costa Rica to Atlanta to Paris to Johannesburg and back.

I have cried on my dad’s shoulder and have had him cry on mine.  I have written my mom’s eulogy and read it at her funeral…including a tribute from my dad and a message from my sister.

I have gone out for supper for my mom’s birthday with my immediate family and my aunt and uncle who were closest to my mom.

I have cried like an absolute freak on an airplane and broken down in tears at the airport…I never cry when I am leaving at airports…this time was clearly different.

Some of these past two and half weeks have been easier than expected and on some days I was “stronger” than others.

This whole situation has just been unreal…and sometimes I think that this must be an extended weird dream…but I know it is not.

This post is disjointed..and rather convoluted…but as I keep telling myself it’s okay. There is no manual and there is no way for me to do this wrong.


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