Just taking a break

Thoughts swirling…wondering about the chasm between my reality and my sisters…considering where my life is and where I want it to be…

I need to do some serious soul searching. So I am taking a break. I don’t know what I am going to do and how long it will be for.

I will be back though…better than I went.


2 thoughts on “Just taking a break

  1. Good, Trisha, wishing you all the best in the world, but make sure to come back and let us know, please.
    Even if you decide to stop blogging for some reason (and I hope the reason will be a good one for you), just tell us that.
    I will be checking your blog for updates (just found you through your previous post about the @TheBloggess’ Happy ISLTYD) and hope you will find (or at least get closer to) what you are looking for.
    Good luck, take care and untill next time,
    Be Blessed.

  2. Hi Henri,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I am sure I will be back. I just need to go and get my head straight 🙂

    Take care.


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