Happy I-Suck-Less-Than-Yesterday-Day

Last year Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, invented a tongue in cheek holiday: “I suck less than yesterday day“.

And so while unfortunately I can’t watch the youtube video in the post (thanks for nothing SME) I can consider the wisdom of sucking less than yesterday.

We all have shitty days sometimes, and sometimes I think it becomes too easy to fall into the habit of allowing shitty days to overwhelm us. To stop seeing the good and wallow in the bad.

And then we tend to have days where we become all shitty and selfish and focus on all the crap that has ever happened to us.

So I think rather today I am going to find some little ways where I will suck less than yesterday today. And tomorrow I can suck less than today…and slowly climb out of this hole.


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