Messages from the Universe

 Being a bully is a choice, and falling for this cycle, permitting it to continue, is a mistake.

Seth Godin

This quote is taken out of context, but I believe the meaning is still applicable. There is a level of blaming the victim that takes place almost continually.

And I some times think that we continuously allow the cycle of abuse (bullying) that takes place in emotionally abusive houses to continue indefinitely.

My mother stopped physically abusing me over ten years ago…the emotional abuse continues. Logic dictates that I should take a stand against her instead of just having withdrawn.

But the cycle that Seth Godin refers to haunts my relationship with my mother…and I am owning up to my mistake.

Hell, I am definitely not sinless in my relationship with my mother…but somewhere along the way something has to change…and the only person whose change I can control is mine.


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