Seeing strength

I sometimes wonder about the society we live in. It seems to encourage us to dwell on our weaknesses and dismisss our strengths.

The other day I received an e-mail from Alissa Bowman from Project Happily Ever After…which raised a very interesting point, she pointed out a couple of things in it:

  1. When your mind gets into a negative space it tends to dwell there (which is really true in my experience, and I have started focusing on consciously changing my thoughts when they hit a negative patch…it is taking work, but I am getting better at it).
  2. We become accustomed to people’s good points and thus become blind to them.

And while this second insight was referring to people outside of ourselves, I think it is equally true of our own good points, if not even more so, because it seems that society is obsessed with modesty…and while modesty is a wonderful thing, (although is it? I have not ever really considered it…is it another way of saying…stay where we put you?) I do not think dismissing our strengths is an appropriate reaction to the gift that the universe has given us…sometimes the universe just gives us the spark and we work the rest of the way up…but surely, we should acknowledge our good points.  But it sometimes seems that in order to not appear to be to big for our britches we are told to be modest, to almost dismiss our talents… and I must say, I am calling Bullshit to the universe on this one.

There is  nothing wrong with seeing our strength and believing in ourselves. Yes, there is a line between confidence and arrogance. But rather risk walking that line, than fade into the darkness and do nothing. I have decided to believe in you. Yes, you. Even if we have not met yet. Even if we have met, and you have hurt me before. I believe in you. I believe you can be the person that you want to be.  I believe you can be good at whatever you choose to. I believe that you can choose to work at making it happen.

Because after all that, I can start believing in me too…and perhaps you can believe in you too.


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