Getting my me in shape

But perhaps they at least shared one conviction — that what you were made as wasn’t what you had to be or what you might become…
And the trick was to start small.
The Fifth Elephant, Terry Pratchett

I keep coming back to that quote in my mind. I think that is largely what is driving me to write this blog. Driving me to fight this illness, this monster, with everything I have.

The realization, the gift, that I can change. That I am not a static creature. I am not doomed to dwell in misery and sadness. I can choose to dig my way out of this pit.

I can choose to fight.

Today, I am introducing a new tactic into this fight. There have been numerous studies showing that exercise helps fight depression…and so exercise meet my depression. We are going to dame this mangly, vicious creature together.

I have no idea where I am going to start. Joining a gym is not practical for me at the moment…the nearest gym is over 20 minutes drive away and that pretty much guarantees that it will be too much effort to go to it.

I like walking and live in a beautiful neighbourhood to walk in…there is not too much traffic and their is beautiful scenery. I also enjoy jumping rope, and yoga and pilates. Riaan and I have a Wii Fit with the EA active game but in all honesty with the way that it is not really responding to the input I think I want that to be the back up plan, rather than the primary work out plan, otherwise I think I will be focusing on getting the Wii to recognize the inputs and tell me that I am exercising correctly rather than actually doing it.

Workout equipment that I have at my disposal is pretty minimal but I don’t think that is an insurmountable obstacle.

Where am I starting: I am 158 cm tall and weigh 58.8 kilograms.My neck is 31 cm, my triceps 28 cm, my waist (across my belly) is 82 cm and my hips are 104 cm and my thigh at its widest point is 55cm.

But my main goal is not to get into better physical shape…yes, that will be a nice bonus. My main goal is to get my whole me, my inner spirit and psyche into shape. And by adding a morning workout to my routine…I think I will kick some endorphins into the system, which will help me think happy thoughts.

Because those are the thoughts that I want to grow…happy, peaceful content thoughts. I want to be remembered as someone who was happy and spread happiness.


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